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multi-discipline experts serving the beauty industry

We Are Cut From a Different Cloth

Avenue is a post-production and consulting agency in the beauty ecosystem designed to assist cosmetics brands in creating visuals that capture the consumer's eye. Our team of experienced professional retouchers, commercial photographers and industry-renowned makeup artists understands the impact and value of cohesive, top-quality visual assets. Together, we have developed a working process that ensures a brand's visual identity is brought out in the final deliverables.

JULIA KUZMENKO MCKIM,  @juliakuzmenko
Commercial Beauty Photographer & Retoucher,
Los Angeles

What We Offer

We Do It Better

We know first-hand how much time, effort and resources it takes to produce consistent promotional content in the beauty space. We believe it is especially important to have a trusted team of professionals prepare the raw materials from your shoots for their final destination – be that your website, social media, print marketing materials, product packaging or billboards – so that your visuals successfully do what they were created to do: attract new customers and sell your product.

Beauty Retouching

Beautiful skin is our thing. We specialize in beauty retouching for any media, from large-scale print campaigns to eComm. Our retouching artists are trained to see the elements that need to be addressed while preserving natural skin tone and beautiful texture. In beauty, the impact of the final image depends on the quality of the captured material, and we love helping our clients understand and plan their photoshoots with the ultimate result in mind.

Macro Beauty Retouching

It’s no secret that retouching macro beauty is a wholly separate discipline within beauty retouching. With hundreds of macro beauty images in our portfolio, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer quality and expertise second to none. In macro beauty photography, skillful retouching must be applied to the highest quality original captured image, so we always recommend our clients consult with us before starting the production process and casting talent.

eComm Beauty Materials

Arm swatches, lip swatches, smears and anything else that requires precise color matching – we are very experienced in all that too. Reach out to us for any of your product page, website visual assets production, and post-production needs.

Cosmetics Product Retouching

From eComm to creative product photography and product smears –  we got you! We’ll take care of both production and post-production based on your vision and creative brief.


More Than Retouching


Our unique new client onboarding process enables us to apply our expertise to your vision and goals to create consistent, high-quality visual assets. We also offer pre-production consultation aimed at minimizing your project’s post-production time and cost, and preventing any potential problems before they arise.



Production in LA


Can’t find the right talent to produce top-quality beauty or cosmetics product images for a product launch, promotional campaign, or your product page on a retailer website? We’d love to complete the circle. With our extensive industry knowledge and contacts, we can connect you with the best-in-class Los Angeles-based commercial beauty, cosmetic product photographers, and makeup artists.


Excellent Skills

Our Global Team


Operating from both LA and London, we are a global team of professionals specializing in beauty and product retouching for cosmetics brands. With over a decade of experience in commercial photography and retouching, our Post-Production Directors hand-pick and train the brightest, most talented, and hardworking retouching artists from around the globe.


we are hiring

Career Opportunities

We are hand-picking a few highly skilled freelance beauty retouchers. Bring your talent, attention to detail, and a great work ethic, and we will help you grow with us.